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Da wzWbkI3u8
Inserito il 29 settembre 2017 (VwnmPzOB6i)
Hello. I tried hide my “Likes” Pages and succeeded. I want to edit my settings now and it wont let me. I can get to to “Edit” then it’s a blank section with “done editing” on the right-hand side and “likes” underneath. The audience selection is not available. Is there a way to overcome this so my audience can change? Thanks in advance for the assistance.
Da vunhxZyzzW
Inserito il 29 settembre 2017 (AdeXzBUDYpp)
Merci d’avoir osĂ© mentionner la « stĂ©rilitĂ© de Tokyo » parce que l’ignorer est faire preuve d’une colossale hypocrisie, inconsciente ou par stratĂ©gie. Cette stĂ©rilitĂ© fait aussi partie du vĂ©cu du lieu. Je ne sais pas si la France est moins inspirante et je ne le saurai pas, mais l’inspiration pousse mĂȘme sur le terreau stĂ©rile qui est une vue de l’esprit, en partie. L’article du Courrier International ne m’Ă©tonne pas. Juste une confirmation d’un fait Ă©tabli.
Da nnGRdUGvubh
Inserito il 28 settembre 2017 (GUGJi9vTX4)
Thanks, MaryBe! Haven’t heard from you for a while! Yes, the world is safe, they are pajama comfy pants, trust me I wouldn’t wear them in public unless it was for Halloween!! Come back soon!!
Da E8ke9ZQqCZ
Inserito il 27 settembre 2017 (EzMJsJA7)
Your packing list is so funny, but so unnecessary lol. My new bed comes today so I hope to sleep the weekend away in total bliss, see you on the other side ;)Vxxx
Da svAn8UDOZ7
Inserito il 25 settembre 2017 (kEbUW3nf6)
"These are the same lugs who feed at the troth of the taxpayer..."Please forgive a spelling nazi lapse...that would be "...feeding at the trough of the taxpayer..." (pronounced troff, like laugh is pronounced laff)Spelling correction does not mean I don't agree with you in substance...!
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