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Da PqEVve3ja
Inserito il 03 ottobre 2017 (hQH0lbJqD6Z)
I kind of had a good feeling inside of me with that +/- of Shaq, when I saw the stat. I was looking for that commercial yesterday, and low and behold here it is at FB&G today. Dallas will be a more difficult game to win Friday, and that should be a real battle, where I may have to worry about the outcome of it at some point in time.
Da xdQEAgLu
Inserito il 01 ottobre 2017 (qyGVZEeN)
Yeah. I suspect it’s because sometimes the villain has a bigger story arc, whereas the hero starts in one place and ends in the same place, only with more rewards.I thought this was true of the otherwise admirable cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender: likable as Aang was, it was really Zuko’s story.
Da rdnGx2Rc4
Inserito il 01 ottobre 2017 (0qxt136Lqthg)
tone of the short paper is not entirely serious, we’ve previously reported on many spurious correlations, and why they’re so easy to find between cultural variables. The chocolate/Laureate
Da lznoVMBFH
Inserito il 30 settembre 2017 (oypBc2Blvx8)
Tres mignon et si vrai. Quand on regarde la litterature sur le futur (voitures qui volent etc) on se rend compte qu’il y a quand meme une certaine continuite.
Da wzWbkI3u8
Inserito il 29 settembre 2017 (VwnmPzOB6i)
Hello. I tried hide my “Likes” Pages and succeeded. I want to edit my settings now and it wont let me. I can get to to “Edit” then it’s a blank section with “done editing” on the right-hand side and “likes” underneath. The audience selection is not available. Is there a way to overcome this so my audience can change? Thanks in advance for the assistance.
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