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Da ont4btwv3jJ
Inserito il 17 ottobre 2017 (y6gziGlJxbiz)
j’ai suivi tout le match. L’echec de chelsea face √† manu est du √† la main mise de l’arbitre qui a donn√© 2 cartons rouges et un but pour chichaito sur hors jeu. Cette ann√©e chelsea sera la meilleur √©quipe deurope kil pleut ou kil n√©ige on le sera.Je le confirme on remportera le championnat.►
Da dQddpKhX7
Inserito il 16 ottobre 2017 (ZTQn1xrn)
My friend and I saw 3 unusual relatively slow falling objects about 30 sec to a minute apart that had a quite wide yellow trails fall and they appeared to be falling slightly south east of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia at about 1:30am (Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) +1100 UTC) on Saturday 9th February. We weren’t sure if they were meteors or space debris
Inserito il 15 ottobre 2017 (PlZaDmDN)
He Frieke,Jammer van die peper. Ik zou er zelf nooit aan gedacht hebben om kookroom te gebruiken. Ben benieuwd hoe dat uitpakt. Heb jij daar al eerder ervaring mee opgedaan?Van Maaike op 08.10.08 10:40 am
Da OwxuooKCK
Inserito il 08 ottobre 2017 (iInHlJyh)
Hi Jayna: Just wanted to thank you for your little story about Spud. It made me chuckle. I ran across your blog while searching for an old friend of mine whose nickname is Spud. I had my hopes up, because there was a slight resemblance, until you killed him off (just kidding!).Anyway, I like your sense of humor. Nice hats too. Thanks for sharing.Have a good one, aaron
Da 2BmtvoR4
Inserito il 06 ottobre 2017 (JJAoqCnh0)
Hi LisaSorry if this is stating the obvious, but which cell is 2.19 in. If it is in U1 or below U299, then that would explain the problem. If you have already checked that, what happens if you reproduce the original formula exactly as =MIN(INDIRECT(“‘”&A2&”‘!$U:$U”))?RegardsSimon
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