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Da qd5h4yMpO
Inserito il 28 ottobre 2017 (2rRoiGGNP)
When nuclear power expands to exceed base load (as it has done in France) load following is necessary. Also, if nuclear is to co-exist with extensive renewable "opportunity" sources (wind, solar) nuclear will probably be required to throttle back to fully utilize the renewables because, as low as nuclear fuel cost is, it is higher than renewables.
Da qAqOSrpM5
Inserito il 28 ottobre 2017 (AxL0MEHBk)
What size coil are you using?it is better to use a smaller coil for gold or bigger acause i want to get´╗┐ a silver umax and get a small coil… good idea?? cause i love to go to the deserts and the beach.
Inserito il 28 ottobre 2017 (ZGupaXV2ancw)
Although my doubts about the law of accelerating returns are completely different than Paul Allen’s. I still am grateful you wrote this reply, Ray, because I read new information to think about. I am too lazy to read your books (and therefore missing a lot of facts). But I firmly believe logarithmic models advance are ate least closer to the truth than linear models of advance.
Da 7bdyyfj4
Inserito il 27 ottobre 2017 (7Ehy7AXjS4)
ENOUGH IS ENOUGHNotice there are no denials from P, except that P is one person, not a staff that includes FredP doesn’t deny working for the paper (either directly or indirectly)or that his/her job is to stir debate, increase the number of hits to the site and thereby enhance ad revenue.I think it’s sad that publishers are allowed to artificially increase its revenue by such cheap tactics. I suppose advertisers won’t mind because their ads are being viewed but eventually the public will feel used and bored to the point of changing channels.So Pbrain the jig is up. Reveal yourself as the paid hack that you are.
Inserito il 26 ottobre 2017 (pNGTjdL4)
├ę ├│timo escutar u2 quando se faz uma longa viagem de carro, porque o som te hipnotiza e voc├¬ chega totalmente relaxado no seu destino, pronto para o que der e vier!
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