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Da zf3kyjem33
Inserito il 28 agosto 2017 (c34UKQXKLECI)
WOWZER baby girl how AWESOME is this creation gawd what will you come up with nxt?? stunning am really lost for words for this Mandy..lots of work but well worth it..as to blogger I have repeatedly cleared my cookies & chache (dont ask me what they are) blogger told me to clean em so i did still cant SEE any followers not even my own..sob sob..smiles blogging mummy xxxx
Da p4zfurkuP0
Inserito il 28 agosto 2017 (fthjGaj7TgrC)
That would be a fine idea if everybody wanted to get off welfare, and was willing to work hard enough to do so. However this program penalizes everyone at the start; it means you get paid the same whether you work really hard or you don’t. It also punishes the person who gets a raise by taking away from their fixed paycheck for doing nothing from the government. Fixed weight scales for variable effort haven’t worked in the union shots I don’t think the work on welfare
Da VO1qmhuug
Inserito il 27 agosto 2017 (JKH2yMRiBQD)
My first bite of this dessert was in Phuket years ago. I didn't know that the crunchy bites were actually watercrest nut until you mention! Oh, and I am so envious of your bundle of pandan leaves. Can't find it here. :(
Da x2K1CfaXq
Inserito il 26 agosto 2017 (htKzMo9iTlAn)
Caro Marcelo vocĂȘ foi brilhante.ParabĂ©ns! Honrou o esporte brasileiro, em especial o nosso bolicheque vem crescendo apesar da falta de estĂ­mulo e apoio.Devemos Ă  vocĂȘ e aos nossos bravos lutadores pelo boliche essa conquista.Vamos em frente no Mundial.Nelson Luiz – Morumbi
Da 9nT3f8rvJLH
Inserito il 25 agosto 2017 (DZORQdS5)
Tanstaafl - not to derail your discussion but thanks for the support.Billy - likewise.Sorry I felt compelled to shut down the comments section; I am still being swarmed from a certain site.There is more to my life than the Internet and I don't have the energy to deal with the distractions. But thanks, guys.-VA
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