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Da jb9BZXhl9
Inserito il 04 settembre 2017 (tCxzBMEYWJq0)
As soon as we got electricity on the farm my dad relegated the old wind charger to the junk heap. It was only powerful enough to run a DC radio. That was in 1948 so it seems like we have gone backwards.
Da nIj6kEPZR
Inserito il 03 settembre 2017 (6ZK4Umx4kX5)
Oh my God I've read Sultan Knish for a while and have always been struck by the intelligent thought. But this article is some of the most uninformed drivel that I have read in a long long time.It is full of rumour and factual inaccuracies of the sort the lunatic anti-Israel crowd usually comes up with. To have an opinion does not pass for informed thought.What a disapointment to read such nonsence on Sultan Knish
Da G8pJLoyQ3n
Inserito il 02 settembre 2017 (IVnWAM2qe7K)
Eles devem pensar que n√≥s todos (todinhos mesmo) batemos com a cabe√ßa no ch√£o quando nascemos. S√≥ assim conseguir√≠amos acreditar em mentiras destas. Ou ent√£o andam a ler um gui√£o das produ√ß√Ķes fict√≠cias.Campani√ßa
Da k8ZD46NyIru
Inserito il 02 settembre 2017 (v88sphOJR)
Synes den var nydelig heklet, men blir sikkert fin i strikket også. Var jo en god ide for dem so bruker tennbriketter da. Selv har jeg de siste par årene brukt tyrived som mannen min hakker opp i små tynne pinner på bare ca 1,5 x 7 eller 8 cm, en pinne er nok til å få fyr i ovnen helt uten papir. Helt naturlig og luktfritt, love it!
Da N0F5KslR1
Inserito il 02 settembre 2017 (jqeM2Mu1LZ)
i have been researching pow camps in the uk in ww11 for 2 years now, i have under construction a web site on pow camps. i have been to the camp in Brigg.its a great site. In September 2008 this camp will be no more it is to end up as a Building site., they call this progress.
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