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Inserito il 25 settembre 2017 (kO0h8EEyHu)
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Da wWu5h6XC6
Inserito il 23 settembre 2017 (XWieYN1oAunB)
When a moocher like methinks uses one of the 3 pieces of shaming language that her brain contains as soon as a man calls out her misandry, note how the above article obliterates all those and more.Snappy retorts - something that leaves women stumped....(although their ginas continue to tingle, as methinks' is right now. Heh).
Inserito il 23 settembre 2017 (DwNAY8QRog)
that I would have opted to have had Mary stoned and would have urged St. Joseph to have publicly exposed her. That really hurt. It pretty much broke my heart. Then, he made fun of my blog and told me that I was sick and he also accused me of going to Mass only to find abuse. I feel like crying again.
Da Tggo3NVr2bF
Inserito il 23 settembre 2017 (P5wzYYivwT)
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Da BVJuwTAwg0Mg
Inserito il 19 settembre 2017 (abCSdXQCx)
yes infact they did invent time and space, which includes d-bags like u. ::sry, ok so ur not a d-bag but, the pixies fukn rule…spend ur hate on hawthorne heights; or the misfits with graves::
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